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We use Etsy for our online shopping!  Pop over & take a look.  We try to list new goodies each week!

If there’s one constant in life, it’s change. The last year in my life has seen it’s share and it is time for more. We moved to Jamestown to live a shared dream, and I find that I can not live that dream here alone. This week my home and business buildings will go on the market. Jamestown has been a blessing to me and was also to Scott. I hope we have left as many blessings as we have received.

I will continue our online store, quilting your quilts, and will continue to do shows, but our brick & mortar storefront will close, at the latest, December 31st. Those interested in purchasing the business in its entirety are welcome to make an appointment with me to discuss in person.

Going forward, we will be running a 25% off sale each week on various store categories. I will post them each Sunday on our Facebook page & group. These discounts will be available in-store and online, if those items are listed online (

We will also have one deeply discounted item or grouping each day. These sales are unpublished and in-store only. We’ll tell you about them in the shop when you visit.

You may redeem your reward cards at any time, regardless of how many boxes are full on your card. No new cards will be issued.

We promised you 4 Charm Club days in 2020 with the purchase of your red bag. To make up for the missed days, we will have Charm Club the 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month for the rest of the year. November is a 5-Saturday month, so that gives you 9 days to save 20% on your purchase with your bag. Sale discounts will combine with your Charm Club bag (if you purchase a 25% off item, you will also receive the additional 20% off on Charm Club day with your bag in hand).

I will also be selling fixtures, please ask on your next visit or by private message if you have interest in the displays.

Thank you again for nearly 15 years of letting us be part of your quilting journey and beautiful community. I am honored and blessed you allowed us to be part of your lives.